Charity Programs in China

“Giving Back To The Village” Program
“Giving Back to Your Village” is a charitable program co-sponsored by the Acacia Foundation and the Benevolent Association of Guangxi. Our Motto is “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Every summer in July, we sponsor a week of character and leadership training in Nanning for the village youth who have made their way into university. Then they return to their respective home villages to organize children day camps for the following four weeks, visiting the seniors and shut-ins, caring for the “Stay Behind” kids and doing community services. They introduce knowledge on medical, environmental, legal, and financial issues among villagers, benefiting thousands throughout different counties in the Province of Guangxi over the years. This program first began in 2009. It motivates the passion and creativity of the youth. Over1,000 students have participated in the program, reaching over 10,000+ village kids through the years. It is well recognized by the government and the public.


High School Student Grants

In partnership with local education bureaus, grants are made available to 60 high school students in dire financial needs in each of the following high schools every year. The grants enable them to continue pursuing their high school education till graduation . Once they have reached university, they are encouraged to join our “Giving Back to Your Village” summer leadership program.
• Sanjiang High School, Liuzhou
• Ziyuan High School, Guilin
• Gongcheng High School, Guilin
• Longlin Middle School, Baise
• Xilin High School, Baise
• Rong Sui Senior High School, Liuzhou
• Huanjiang High School, Hechi (Ended)
• Rongan High School Liuzhou (Ended)
• Xiangzhou High School, Laibin (Ended)
• Jinxiu high school, Laibin (Ended)


Yis Minority Group in Liangshanzhou
“Giving Back to the Village” Program 
Acacia introduced the “Giving Back to Your Village” program to the Yis minority group since 2018 at the Mi Er Elementary. We continue in recruiting and training Yis’ university student leaders for this program each year, reaching more children in different village schools in Liangshanzhou.

Student Grants
For the educational needs in Liangshanzhou, we gradually expand our student grants program from Guangxi into the region, supporting young people’s education. Once they enter into university, we encourage them to join our “Giving Back to Your Village” leadership program in the summer.
• Puge High School – We partner with Puge Education Bureau to begin supporting 60 students each year since 2018.
• Huili High School – We partner with Liangshan Education Foundation to begin supporting 50 students each year beginning 2021.
• Mi Er Elementary School – We partnered with the Puge Education Bureau in 2016 to support 60 elementary students covering their school and boarding fees. On top, we introduced a nutrition enrichment program by providing milk to about 400 students each week. This program has been suspended in 2018 since the government grants to the school is found to be sufficient.

Tianjin Seed Kindergarten
We cooperate with Leadership Development International (LDi) by investing into a new International Kindergarten in the city of Tianjin, the neighborhood of Tianjin International School. It is named Tianjin Seed Kindergarten. Following the model of former Chengdu Experimental School (CDES), children are educated in Chinese and English languages, incorporating value and culture from the East and the West. We believe in training children in the way they should go. When they are old, they should not depart from it. School started in September, 2022.

Distance Education for the Disabled
In 2016, Acacia initiated a distant education pilot program for 2 disabled teenagers residing in a rehabilitation Centre in the city of Peng Zhou, outside of Chengdu. Through internet and visitations, the teenagers are able to receive one on one special education.

Chengdu Experimental School, CDES (closed)
In 2012, Acacia seized the opportunity to cooperate with Leadership Development International, US in founding a private international school for national Chinese in the city of Chengdu. This school is a sister school of the Chengdu International School (CDIS), one of six international schools operated by LDi in China. The school opened in 2014 from pre-school and up, taught in English and Chinese languages. Junior High has commenced since September, 2017. The school began humbly with 37, and by 2021, we have reached over 290 students.
In May 2021, a new education law was passed to prohibit foreign entities from operating private schools in China’s compulsory education.
CDES was officially closed the same year.

Disabled Student Grants (ended)
Since the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Acacia had given financial support to disabled students to continue their education. In 2015, we partnered with Chengdu Disabled Association supporting 40 disabled high school students each year. This program has been suspended since 2018 due to sufficient government grants.